Ten Toes Down Records

Ten Toes Down is a SOLID independent label/production company out of Dallas, TX. We have been open since 2020. We STAY working on new projects. Check back for more updates, or better yet, join our mailing list!


About The Owners

O.Z. is from Bryan, TX. He moved around a lot through out the Houston area, then to KCMO, then settled in Dallas, TX to get a better relationship with his father. Pops as we call him would be one of the main patriarchs of our circle. He started rapping when he was about 10 and picked up bass guitar and drums soon after. After high school O.Z. linked up with Suspense The Suspect and started SpectraZone Sound Lab, LLC. They were doing shows and are still selling albums under the name I_one Affiliates. I_one released a hit album titled "It is I, Says We".  When Suspense retired O.Z. brought back SZSL with Dee Brown and released the album "Products" while getting a lot of the younger homies started. Dee Brown left us way too early on January, 8th 2019. O.Z. then took over the Ten Toes Down label from Ace Boogie A.K.A Big Walt Beatta who passed the torch with a smile. O.Z. and Jr linked back up while Jr was in federal prison. Well he's out now!  ERRYBODY CAN"T BE TEN TOES!

Jr. Mackin is from Abilene, TX. He grew up on North 8th and Plum Street, an area below poverty. However poverty only exists to one who is not determined to obtain what they desire. He has been rapping all of his life since as early as 10 years old. He used to rap over Swishahouse songs and freestyle his music. His freestyles could go on over and hour and still sound like written material. He'd meet up with homies from school with a karaoke machine and some car speakers and freestyle to see who went the hardest. He finally met O.Z., his nephew in the game and it was game over once they linked up. He went to Houston and met Water, a cat from Baton Rouge, LA and he would freestyle for them but his people didn't like the word bitch. Jr. told them "I'm a Mack and i have to be me and give the world the truth in my music." He uses his music as a way to express himself and say what the average person won't understand in a regular conversation. Jr. and O.Z. linked back up while Jr was in federal prison. Well he's out now! Here we are, TEN TOES DOWN!